Monday, October 25, 2010

In Focus

So the weekend of October 8-9th was a lot of fun at Kelley! Once a year, the MBA program and the admissions office sponsor In Focus Weekend. This is an exciting event for prospective diverse candidates interested in learning more about the Kelley MBA and determining whether they should apply to the program. I was fortunate enough to meet approximately 35 prospective MBA candidates, in addition to my friend Patrice whom I have known for almost nine years and is interested in getting her MBA. The festivities began at the Marshall Cultural Center where Phil Powell, Chair of the MBA program gave a wonderful welcoming speech to the prospective candidates. Kelley is such a collaborative environment and I truly felt that the prospective students felt the Kelley experience in a weekend. Not only were we able to position the Kelley brand as best and as accurate as possible, but we were also able to position the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management as an amazing opportunity for diverse candidates interested in pursuing a career in management. All of the core faculty members attended the closing dinner, which truly spoke to how Kelley truly values diversity in the Kelley community.


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