Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspiration and the Future

Last night, in the midst of a whirlwind of mid-term studying for the MBA course curriculum, I had the incredible opportunity to hear Dean Smith, Economics Professor Phil Powell (Head of Faculty) and Erik Medina, Director of Graduate Career Services, speak. These three brilliant, inspired, determined minds are wonderful to hear from each and every time, and are a testament yet again to this being the Best MBA Program in the USA.

Roughly 30 of us were able to hold audience in a classroom for one hour, and each speaker took about 15 minutes to describe why they loved IU, how the program functions, and where they want to see this program go. The room sat in silent wonder at these huge, wonderful ideas. And let me tell you something -

This school is headed for bigger and better things every day.

The Dean speaks with calm inspiration.
Phil Powell speaks with explosive energy and conviction.
Erik speaks with passionate facts behind earnest drive.

What struck me was how nimble and quick this nationally ranked MBA can adjust to the needs of its prospective students, the market and its current students. Communication is tight, flexibility is easy and brilliance is high - what you'd expect from a nationally ranked MBA program. They talked about how when the job market was poor last year, they quickly adjusted their focus to ensuring job-placement for their students after graduation - and within three months after graduation, 100% of the students had offers, and 87% had accepted. Now this year, we pivot to recruit stronger and sign our victories to our prospective market.

Here's the greatest take-away I found though. The Dean said: as long as we can get students on-campus, to see this beautiful building, to meet our brilliant professors and talk with our current students who LOVE this school, 100% of them apply. They just need to be here to believe it - it really is as great as it sounds. (and let me tell you, that spoke to my heart - the exact same thing happened to me. I wasn't sure if I'd apply or not - and then I came for one day, just one day, and I had submitted my application before the weekend was through).

Bottom Line: I hope you're reading this while checking your laptop at Kelley during your visit to one of the most incredible masters of business administration programs - if not, click out of this blog and schedule your visit. NOW. I'll be here to shake your hand.

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