Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letting Loose During Mid-term Studies

The MBA Association is a student-run organization of 2nd-year students that has a hand in every aspect of the MBA program, from alumni, to current students, to prospective students, and everything that touches their lives in Bloomington and abroad. Each Friday, the student Affairs Section of the MBAA hosts Kelley Fridays, a two-hour event at the Kelley building (Godfrey) that welcomes students and their families/partners for entertainment and sometimes competition.

Last Friday was Japanese Game Show Night, a wonderful evening celebrating the diversity of international entertainment. There was a huge turn-out for the games - and not just MBA students, but their wives, husbands, and children too. That's an integral part of MBA social life and culture - families are always welcome. The room was filled with laughter and cheering and commotion galore - as well as free and fresh sushi and soda!

It was a hilarious night of wasabi eating, sumo races, marshmallow eating and ninja tea-drinking. The students and families had a great time releasing from the pressures of mid-term studying, and we always look forward to these events. That's what you get at a top-ranked business school like Kelley - world class education without forgetting who you are as a person with loved ones.

Here's the online YouTube clip of Japanese Game Show Night - I would be the short one in the sumo suit. Enjoy!


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