Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mid-Quarter and Picking Courses

This past weekend was the mid-point between the first 7-weeks and second 7-weeks of courses. Like other top ranked business graduate schools, my final deliverables included group projects, take-home papers, and in-class exams. Once I finished everything, I took the opportunity to enjoy a much-needed break from the fast pace of a nationally ranked MBA program and to enjoy MBA social life. Friday evening included dinner with a group of friends followed by a fun board game night. Saturday was lunch with other friends and stocking up on groceries. The local Marsh grocery store gives students 10% off on Saturdays - you can't beat that!

Starting Monday, it is back to a new set of classes. I'll be taking courses in Marketing Strategy, Organizational Development and Change, and Financial Analysis. And, I signed up for next semester's classes to close out my MBA course curriculum. Registering for the last time was kind of a strange feeling. I had to come to terms with the fact that I can't just stay at Kelley forever and take every class they offer. However, I have chosen some really great classes which I am excited about and which will allow me to complete majors in Supply Chain & Operations and Management.

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