Friday, October 1, 2010

My less-social week

So, this was a busy week! I had a lot of group meetings, a mid-term exam, and a case write-up due. The learning in the Kelley MBA program often emphasizes teamwork, not unlike many other Nationally Ranked MBA programs, which means a lot of work is done in groups. Coordinating schedules can be challenging, however, time management is a great lesson that we're never really taught, but we definitely learn.

Outside of class I'm also involved in the peer coaching program aimed at ensuring 2nd year students have strong management/leadership/mentoring experience while we're still in school, but also providing great coachable moments for the 1st year students. We're in the ramp up period, of defining the goals and kicking off the revamped program, which has added more time commitments, but it's also a great program for all involved. I'm very much looking forward to staying engaged in the process of my own job search, but also those of my peer mentees.

With all of that the MBA social life has dipped this week. However, I'm very much looking forward to the weekend tailgate and some great college football. IU is playing host to University of Michigan Wolverines; it should be a great game if last year is any indication. Also, tonight, at the Bluebird (a local music venue/bar) is showcasing the band "Who's Bad" a great Michael Jackson cover band - really looking forward to the show!

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