Sunday, October 24, 2010

Options and Flexibility at Kelley

One of the great things about Kelley is the amount of flexibility given to students. For example, students have the option to take extra courses and to finish their degree requirements prior to the last 7 weeks of classes. This is beneficial to students that have the opportunity to start work early and those that want to take time to travel before starting their full-time opportunity. And, if you want to start full-time work after your first year, you can complete the remainder of your coursework through Kelley Direct - Kelley's online MBA program. For students focusing heavily on the job search, there is also the ability to shuffle around classes to lighten the courseload in a given quarter. This can sometimes make a huge difference. I really believe qualities like these give us our reputation: Best MBA program in USA.

Like other nationally ranked MBA programs, Kelley offers the ability to study abroad in places ranging from Brazil to Switzerland. And students can participate in a 10-day international business immersion as part of GLOBASE or KIPs. Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the KIP trip to China which was an amazing experience. We traveled to Beijing and Shanghai and visited a number of companies and manufacturing facilities including Intel, Eaton, and Nomura Bank. We also did a lot of sightseeing which included climbing the Great Wall and visiting Tiananmen Square (pictured above). In the spring, I am going to be participating in the Washington Campus Program which is a week-long course designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how regulatory, economic, tax, and trade policies are created. I am excited for the chance to meet MBAs from other top ranked business graduate schools and discuss all of the issues affecting corporate America.

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