Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Peer Coaching: Two-Way Benefit

At the Kelley School of Business, innovation and thought leadership are always a priority. This year is no different. We've recently revamped the Peer Coaching program in such a way, that the benefits are two way - not just top-down. In a typical coaching/mentoring situation, you think of the main beneficiary as the person receiving the mentoring and advice. In this new program, we've created a loop, so the coaches (of which I am one) are receiving feedback on our coaching.

This means the 1st year students (mentees) are getting advice from the 2nd years about recruiting, course selection, interview prep, etc. and the 2nd years are receiving feedback from 1st years and staff about how well we're doing as a coach, areas of improvement, and more to improve our leadership and managerial potential.

All in all, both parties are benefiting from this revamped peer coaching program and, frankly, it's quite a bit of fun as well.

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