Monday, October 25, 2010

Preparing for an MBA-level Case Interview

More so than being a consumer marketing MBA student, I feel that I am a strategic marketing MBA student. My favorite part of my summer was working on my Snacking Strategy project for Taco Bell. Because of my huge interest in strategy, I've been interviewing with some consulting companies this fall. One of the biggest hurdles in consulting interviews is the case interview.

In order to prepare for case interviews, I've gotten help from a number of sources:
  • Alumni currently working in consulting gave some great advice on what their firms are looking for from candidates in a case interview
  • Current top ranked MBAs help each other out so much. I did mock case interviews with other students and attended the Consulting Club's weekly Case Crackers meeting to practice even more.
  • Even though I am in the Consumer Marketing Academy, the director of the Consulting Academy conducted a mock case interview with me and gave me great feedback.
  • Lastly, I bought the book Case In Point off of Amazon to give me some pointers and get me oriented to the process.
Having these great resources at my disposal is just one of the reasons that Kelley is the best MBA program in the USA.

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