Monday, October 25, 2010

Share Your Culture

The international population at Kelley, one of the top ranked MBAs, is incredible. We have students representing the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Nigeria, Colombia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Costa Rica and Spain, to name a few. How many nationally ranked MBA programs can boast that kind of global practice (not just mind-set)? [crickets chirping] yep, that's what I thought....

I'm a bus rider (you're welcome, Earth) and I happen to ride the bus with a conglomerate of Japanese and South Korean students to and from school. For most of them, this is their first time in the United States - I guess it takes an offer from one of the top ranked business graduate schools to bring them here. In my conversations with them, they are all relatively unfamiliar with American traditions and holidays, but endlessly curious. So far, many students swap lots of cultural education (one friend had me over for a home-cooked Indian dinner a few weeks ago; I had a number of students over for an American breakfast - I make some mean pancakes; and now apparently I'll be appearing in a Korean spoof before the year is out).

Now I love Halloween and the month of October, as its my birthday month, and I love fall traditions. So after academy week one and before we return back to classes, I've decided to add to the wonderful MBA social life here at Kelley by offering to guide some international students to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch this Saturday. I put the idea out there, but never expected such resounding results - 29 total people will be coming, MBA students and their families, 93% of them international students, first-timers in America. They're all very excited, especially for bringing their new pumpkins back to my home where they'll learn to carve and roast pumpkin seeds!

You're coming to business school to gain incredible lessons and skills in business, that's for sure. But I encourage you to never forget that behind every business decision are people, just like you. Your growth in sharing life and culture with your peers and partners I would argue is equally important to your academic growth; and here at Kelley, each grows exponentially. Come join us - we'll help you pick an apple from the tree of knowledge.

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