Monday, October 4, 2010

So what exactly is a Peer Coach??

There are many things one expects when enrolling in a nationally ranked MBA program. In addition to an unbeatable MBA course curriculum, MBA admission offices will usually promise mentorship and guidance throughout the career exploration process (and the admissions office at Kelley is no different!!). I can't speak to any of the other schools' available career prep, but I can speak to Kelley's and I have plenty of great things to say.

Being a second year student who is pursuing an MBA in corporate finance, I feel I have something to offer those first year students looking to break into the field of corporate finance. Facing a change in careers can be intimidating for anyone, let alone those getting an MBA for non business majors! Enter the peer coach.

As a peer coach, I will be working with 4 first years in order to help them prepare for the internship interview season. Come January, students at all of the top ranked MBA programs will be competing for the best internships. It is the peer coach's responsibility to work with their mentees and ensure they are on the path to success. For students in the Corporate Finance Academy (CFA), this path will be completed in 4 phases.

Phase 1: Each of the 7 corporate finance peer coaches will take his/her mentees out for lunch or dinner to begin building a personal relationship.

Phase 2: Once everyone has gotten to know each other it is time to get to work. Throughout the fall semester we will have one-on-one development sessions with our first years to ensure they are staying on track with networking and interview preparation.

Phase 3: CFA peer coaches will complete an extensive resume review with their mentees to ensure the resume is in the sacred CAR (Context, Action, Result) format. Never again will I hear the word CAR and think of only a hunk of metal with 4 wheels! :)

Phase 4: All corporate finance mentees will be given the opportunity to complete mock interviews with 2 separate peer coaches. After going through an interview with their own peer coach, we want to place them in the interview situation with someone they are not as familiar with to get them outside of their comfort zone.

It is also important to remember that the peer coach is only one aspect of career training at Kelley. The academies and Graduate Career Services coach will also play key roles. Career training at Kelley is attacked from 3 different perspectives, and this is just one more reason I believe Kelley is the best MBA program in the USA. Whether you are looking to get an MBA in entrepreneurship, a life science MBA, or want to study marketing, there are not only trained professionals (faculty and career coaches) but dedicated second year students as well to help make you successful.


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