Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Value of an MBA for Engineers

Well, after a good trip to Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Chicago last week and being in the office for a few days this week, I’m off again. I’ll be presenting at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Annual Conference in Cincinnati tomorrow as a part of a panel hosted by the Consortium to discuss the benefits of an MBA for engineers.

Some people might think that you have to have some sort of business background or experience to be most successful in an MBA Program. The truth is that an MBA can add value to students from all backgrounds, depending on your particular career goals. Looking at the profile of students in the Kelley MBA Program, only about a third of students come from traditional business backgrounds, while another third come in from engineering/science backgrounds, and a third have humanities or social science backgrounds. This diversity contributes to the learning environment as well as the networking opportunities. So regardless of your particular background, it is more important to consider your specific career goals and whether an MBA will help you move in that direction. Alright, I’m off, see you next time!

Reminder from the Admissions Committee: Our first application deadline is November 1. Be sure to read the application instructions carefully before you start to complete the application. (This is the first step once you begin an application.) You will upload transcripts to your application and should have completed the GMAT (and TOEFL or IELTS for international applicants) before submitting your application.


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