Friday, October 1, 2010

Try For a Little Help from My Friends

If you're not an accountant, accounting's hard. Really hard. But, if you're a Kelley student in one of the top ranked business graduate schools, there's help around every corner.

Professor Jamie Pratt, head of Accounting, walks in last night at 6 p.m. into the classroom with his classic Pizza Hut cup half-way filled with water, sets down his books, faces the class, and asks, "how can I help?"

For some of my classmates, Accounting comes easy, a second language if you will. They're great to ask questions of, always willing to help and provide insights, contribute riveting discussion to the class (honestly!) as part of the MBA course curriculum. But for those of us who need a helping hand, a boost to keep up, the professors won't leave us behind.

See, at this school, it's not about weeding out the lesser students, finding the ones who are falling behind and cutting them. This school is run like an incredibly successful businesses, where collaboration and determination create an environment where everyone can succeed. That's what you get from a Nationally Ranked MBA like Kelley.

Professor Pratt spends the next two hours, of his very important free time, focusing on just five students (from a class of 211) re-explaining the day's lessons (with humor and chuckles) and reviews depreciation on assets (if you're not an accounting major, that's the cost of stuff you buy starting to fall apart). He's patient, attentive and intensely helpful. After two hours, I have a much stronger grasp on the concepts reviewed, and feel just a little bit better about being able to contribute to the class discussion next week.

We're not here at Kelley to make you feel dumb or weed you out from other students, we're here to guarantee you learn and guarantee your successful future. Come be a part of it.

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