Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wine tasting with the Dean

Last night I took another break from my MBA course curriculum, and joined 75 other Kelley students for the chance to learn all about the art of wine with Dean Dan Smith. Held in the Georgian room in our rustic Memorial Union, we kicked off the evening with a brief history on wine followed by tasting 3 different red and 3 different white varieties. While I have been to wine tastings before, I really appreciated the practical application tips we received on how to order for tables at dinner settings, types of wine that go well with multiple types of food, and how to signal your price without stating it out loud. Additionally, although Dean Smith no longer teaches, it was a really neat experience to get to hear him teach about wine and experience his teaching style. In true nationally ranked MBA fashion, the presentation was complete with a helpful PowerPoint deck as a take away as well as some economic theory about purchasing wine along the way. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with both my first year and second year classmates and learning more about wines from around the world. A big thanks to the Kelley Wine Club for hosting an incredible event and for continuing to provide fun and unusual events to my MBA social life!

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