Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Case Competition

I'm excited to be representing the Kelley School of Business at a case competition against students from other top ranked MBA colleges. Case competitions are, the joke goes, the sport of business schools. though there are different forms, typically, teams of 4-5 students from various schools are invited to a single location where a new 'case' or business problem is presented to everyone at once. The teams then relegate themselves to a room for the next 24 (ish) hours to analyze the situation, come up with strategic options, settle on a recommended strategy, formulate a presentation, and then present their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges. Sometimes the judges are faculty, staff, and/or business professionals, but also sometimes they are representatives of the actual company for which you're helping solve a live problem.

This particular case competition is called the 'Elite Eight Brand Management Case Competition' and is hosted by the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management; other participating schools include us (Consumer Marketing Academy students at the Kelley School of Business), Ross, Kellogg, Haas, Wharton, Anderson, and Fuqua.

The great thing about these competitions is that you get to test your newly learned skills by putting them into practice in real-time. Further, the cash prizes and 'bragging rights' aren't too bad either...Wish us luck!

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