Friday, November 13, 2009

Dinner and Conversation with Kelley MBA Exchange Students

Last night my roommate and I hosted a dinner party with a few of our friends and two exchange students who are studying at the Kelley School of Business this semester. While we provided the drinks and food, the exchange students did the cooking, and it was delicious! Stefano, who is originally from Milan, made an awesome pasta dish and Johann, from Austria, made a variety of schnitzels.

While the food was great, the conversation was really the highlight of the night. It was really interesting to learn how MBA student life differs in the U.S. from European countries. I also really appreciated getting the exchange students’ perspective on Kelley compared to their top ranked MBA schools abroad.

I personally will not be studying abroad this year, but I will be making a trip to Europe to visit my roommate who will be studying in Paris. Kelley offers a huge variety of international programs, and it is fun to think that my classmates will potentially be cooking traditional American cuisine for their new friends abroad. Hopefully my roommate will have learned to cook by then!


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