Monday, November 22, 2010

Family, Food and Fandango

This week marks Thanksgiving break for one of the top ranked MBA colleges, the Kelley School of Business. Therefore, with all due respect, you’ll only get one blog entry from me. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage you to research more about this great, two year MBA program and get excited to come here; but when you have an opportunity to be with family, then be with family – don’t miss a moment of it.

For me, I’ll be driving down to Tennessee to spend the holiday with my small family and girlfriend in a cabin by a lake – enjoying the peace and solitude that mountain air has to offer. Most of our class seems to be headed home for the holiday – but those from other countries are taking the opportunity to see more of America. Students are taking their families to San Francisco, road-tripping New England’s coast, checking out all the museums of Chicago or evening keeping in the career-search mind-set and interviewing with a variety of companies. Without classes, the plate is wide open for how you choose to spend your time.

My goals for the week: complete a puzzle, go to a dentist appointment, cook my first batch of sweet potatoes, sleep for 12 hours. Potentially I’ll read some Economics – but only potentially. Oh, and maybe see Harry Potter 7 – I’ll have to order tickets ahead of time though.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours and I’ll see you on the other side when classes resume for two weeks and then finals. Enojy!

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