Monday, November 1, 2010

Finance Academy Week Part 2

Wednesday afternoon the Academy split up with one group heading to New York and another group heading to Minneapolis. I was part of this group and we visited four different companies: Ecolab, General Mills, Target, and Best Buy. We also had a Graduate Career Services member accompany us on the trip to leverage contacts he had to make the trip even more effective.

It was very impressive to be on the campuses of each of these corporations. We were well-received at each stop by alumni who were excited to meet us and see how an MBA in Corporate Finance could be applied in their organization. Through presentations and Q&A sessions with VP's and other members of the company's leadership team, we were able to see the path that previous Kelley MBA's have taken.

As one of the top ranked business graduate schools, the Kelley School of Business does a great job of focusing on the career search aspect of MBA school. After all, this is the main focus of why we're all here, right?

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