Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's all about experience!

It feels like I am always talking about how fast time is flying, but it really hit me this week when I started to do my mid-point check in meetings with my first year mentees through the peer coaching program. First, I am absolutely loving being a part of the peer coach program not only because it is giving me a chance to get to know some of my first year classmates better, but also because I feel like I get to pay forward all of the help I received from second years in my development last year. The Kelley culture is incredibly collaborative and it was important to me to be in an environment where I knew others wanted to see me succeed, and the peer coach program is a continuation of this culture. The peer coaching program is also giving me a chance to continue developing my abilities to give and receive feedback, as well as to learn how to coach. I am excited to connect with some of the other Consumer Marketing Academy peer coaches next week to talk through how things are going and share best practices we're learning as we go.

In other news our first MBA admission deadline was on Monday, so I am sure our Admissions Counselor duties are going to pick-up significantly. We're seeing more and more prospectives visiting campus to experience our program first hand, beyond just our business graduate school ranking. I always found the most helpful thing in my decision process when I was applying to top ranked MBA colleges was to spend time in the program building getting to know the students and feeling the energy and culture of the school. If you are planning on visiting Bloomington, welcome and we are excited to get to know you a little better!

I have really enjoyed having the chance to reflect and document my experiences through Kelley's MBA program blog and read up on some of the other fun things my classmates are also up to these days. We hope you enjoy it too!

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