Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life after Kelley

I spent the past weekend in Minneapolis on a revisit weekend and it was so great to catch up with some of the most recent Kelley alumni and hear about how they are settling into their new roles post graduation and hear about adjusting to life after Kelley. While in different industries and functions, each of them noted that the two year MBA program was life changing and encouraged me to enjoy my time in Bloomington, as it is a one-of-a-kind place.

I was able to grab lunch with Sean Vinsel, a former contributor to the MBA program blog, and learn more about his career in corporate finance in the movies category at Best Buy. While at General Mills, I was able to reconnect with another MBA program blog writer, Katie Zonino, as well as Courtney Dougan and Christie Shahan. Each of these ladies are in an Associate Marketing Manager Role working on either the Progresso or Yoplait teams. Michael Campi happened to also be in town, and this former Kelley Marketing Club President was spending the weekend visiting his former Kelley classmates. Michael is currently in a brand management role on the Lunchables brand at Kraft. Courtney's neighbor is Adeela Hussain, former President of Kelley Association of Women MBAs, and she is in a buyer role at Target.

While no longer in the program, it was really nice to reconnect with my Kelley network. Through out your time in the program, you establish incredible relationships with people from many different backgrounds with many different goals and aspirations, and I always enjoy learning from my peers. Because the majority of the program comes to Bloomington from out of state or even other countries, when you graduate, your network disperses all over the globe. Now, anytime I travel, it is almost guaranteed that I run into a fellow Kelley connection, as I experienced twice in the past two weeks when other current students have also been traveling on my same flights. When people ask why I chose Kelley, it was not the business graduate school ranking, the strategic marketing MBA, or even the MBA student activities. While important, my choice came down to the people, and I absolutely know I made the right choice!

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