Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Best Buddy

Today I had an absolute joyful and rare experience: I got to share class at one of the top ranked MBA colleges with one of my best friends from undergraduate.

As a prospective student, your application doesn't even have to be finished and we'll show you all the wonderful things we have to offer at one of the top ranked MBA colleges. You'll get a tour of the beautiful Godfrey Building, get to experience on one of our exciting class discussions, sit at lunch with current Kelley students and pick their brains, join an information session with Kelley staff and students and learn more about why we love this school and then get your first experience interviewing with your future home.

My senior year roommate from college, and a peer in my undergraduate program, has been following these blogs and been hearing about my journey to Kelley, starting nearly 18 months ago. After listening to me ramble and profess about Kelley's business graduate school ranking, how its one of the top mba programs for entrepreneurs, all the fun mba student activities and how I was looking at the strategic marketing mba program. In the end, all my excitement paid off and he visited campus in suit and tie for the day-long experience. I got to see him in between events, introduce him to the head of faculty, Phil Powell; the Core management professor, Matt Semadeni; the president of the MBAA; and a slew of my classmates. At the end of the day, he had zero reservation - applying was a no-brainer.

Thank you for reading this blog. High five for reading Businessweek reviews and Princeton Reviews. And thank you for browsing our website. But when it comes down to it, come here already. We want to meet you. We want to shake your hand. We want to share this beautiful school we all love. Let us show you around.

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