Friday, December 17, 2010

Deciding on what to Minor in at Kelley

When I entered Kelley, I knew that I wanted to be a Marketing major. What I didn't know is what other courses I wanted to take to round out my MBA Marketing Degree. As I was interviewing with companies and focusing on jobs in strategy, I decided to double minor in Management and Decision Support Modeling. I think with the combination of education in all three areas, I will be one of the top strategic marketing MBA students in the class of 2011.

In order to get these two minors, here are the classes I have taken and will take:

  • W 505 Power, Persuasion, Influence, and Negotiation: This class gave me great experience in negotiations, especially helpful when entering the job market.
  • X 573 Organizational Behavior and Leadership: This class was amazing as we learned about specific studies relating to leadership, and what makes leaders successful. And we watched Hoosiers!
  • J 501 Developing Strategic Capabilities: Now taught by the head of the Consulting Academy, this class was amazing and offered interesting case-based teaching on how to think strategically about business problems. Additionally, the professor used his contacts to have several of the people mentioned in the cases Skype into the class. We heard from Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's and the former CEO of E-Ink, a maker of e-readers.
  • D 594 International Competitive Strategy: I'm very excited for this course I'm taking in the spring. It should be a great capstone class for my two year MBA program as I learn how to develop strategy for multinational companies.
Decision Support Modeling
  • K 507 Basic Decision Models: Taught by renowned professor Wayne Winston, this course concentrated on how to create solutions in excel to solve for real-world business problems. It's an amazing course that is taken by about 90% of all graduate business program (MBA, MSIS, etc) students.
  • K 509 Spreadsheet Modeling for Marketing: Also taught by Professor Winston, this course concentrates on marketing-specific models for excel. It's also a great class and the professor keeps it interesting by sprinkling in trivia questions (with chocolate as prizes) along with the excel work.
  • K 513 Data Mining: I'll be taking this in the spring. I'm excited to learn how to comb through big sets of data to find business solutions. It will definitely be applicable to my new job as a consultant at Deloitte.
  • K 515 Application Development with VBA: This course should be a great way to bring it all together and create solutions in Excel that I'll be able to hand off to my clients for them to use after I am done with the client engagement.
All those classes will help to round out the best MBA degree that I can put together.

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