Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals Week

'Tis true, I'm a couple blogs behind, but academics call; and as you'll see when you arrive at one of the top ranked MBA colleges in the country, life is all about time management.

Nearly a month ago, we had two of our finals early: Critical Thinking/Ethics and Quantitative Methods. Fortunately for our course load, there is neither a midterm nor a final for Strategic Management, an excellent class built on case studies for a myriad of backgrounds. However, when it comes to this last week, the gloves are off.

On Saturday we had Operations (what I call Supply Chain Efficiency); Monday was Finance; and today was Accounting. On Thursday we face Economics and on Friday it's time for Marketing.

As I've stated many times before, the incredible professors at this top two year MBA program are not out to trick or trap us - they're out to help us every step of the way. Review sessions are held by professors nearly every night (and morning). If the professor is not leading a review session, he's either in his open office hours or one of his GAs is leading a review session.

On top of that, you can find Kelley 1st years in all sorts of places and sizes, from two people to 30, in the Godfrey Building, in the library, in restaurants or hosting at home, crunching numbers, quizzing each other and preparing for the exams. There's a fascinating environment of determination, collaboration and fun around every corner.

On top of all that, all finals but one are open note. Those four months of quickly scribbling down the professor's lessons are finally paying off, and the notes provide a helpful reference and road map during some of the most challenging questions.

Lastly, the various offices keep opening their doors with free coffee and cookies for those of us hard at work - the MBAA even hosted free massages from "That's the Rub" massage therapy center this week. I'm looking forward to the end-of-core party on Friday at the Bluebird hosted by the second years, featuring the second-year band "Cowboys and Indians."

The mid-terms will test your knowledge, that's for sure. That's a trend you can pick up on when a final is "open note" - the questions really test if you grasp the major concepts and can piece together all your knowledge.

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