Thursday, December 16, 2010

Location, location, location!

I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I’ve been out on the road for Inside the MBA events in Miami and San Juan and also Kelley Receptions in DC and New York. Returning to the midst of an Indiana winter and life in Bloomington, I’ve been thinking about how life in Indiana is perceived. Like my own experience growing up in the Chicagoland area, I know many people are concerned about what life is really like in southern Indiana. Having recently enjoyed the tropical weather of Miami and San Juan and the urban lifestyle of DC and New York, I wanted to share a few quick facts about life in Bloomington:

  • Bloomington (“B-town”) is located approximately 50 miles (one hour) southwest of downtown Indianapolis. The Indianapolis International Airport (my second home) is easily accessible on the southwest edge of Indianapolis. (Not to mention hourly shuttle service from campus via Bloomington Shuttle or Star of America, a new airport terminal, and the ease of security—no more than 10 minutes!)
  • The population of Bloomington is approximately 70,000. Indiana University is approximately 40,000. The Kelley MBA full-time program is approximately 450 students (both first and second years).
  • The community is recognized as family-friendly and includes a vast array of dining options (even Turkish, Moroccan, Afghan, Tibetan, and others).
  • IU boasts some of the finest cultural and arts options in the country, including the Jacobs School of Music, the Kinsey Institute, and the IU Art Museum, along with several outdoor recreation options such as Lake Monroe and Brown County State Park (named one of the most scenic areas in the country, particularly in the fall).
  • Cost of living is extremely affordable. I lived in a very nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath 900 sq. ft. apartment that included a patio, garage, laundry in the unit, clubhouse, pool, and tennis court for just over $800 per month.
  • Bloomington Transit and the IU Bus System provide easy and convenient service to most areas of the community. And, they’re free for students!! (You don’t need a car!)
  • Downtown Bloomington is walking distance (about 15 minutes) from the Kelley School. (Downtown living can be $1000+/month.)
  • Average temperatures range from 25-40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. (This holds true even with the single digit freeze of the past week or so!) Despite the “big storm” that left 4 inches of snow last night, snowfall tends to be minimal and average only 12 inches per year.
  • If Bloomington was on the east coast it would be between Baltimore and DC; on the west coast it would be in northern California in the San Francisco area. (The midwest is a great location though! I just found this interesting to know!)

  • Find more by visiting the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I hope this helps to gain some insight into day-to-day life in B-town. If you’ve visited Bloomington, comment on this post and share some of your favorite things about the city. In the meantime, I’ll work hard to get a few more posts up in the coming weeks and provide some insider tips as the admissions committee is now in the midst of application review!

Reminder from the Admissions Committee: Be sure to visit with current students at a Hometown Coffee event in your area over the holidays! Learn more about the program in an informal setting and hear their perspective on life in Bloomington!

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