Friday, December 17, 2010

Say "Yes"

Have you ever seen that film "Yes Man," where Jim Carrey has to say "yes" to every offer that comes his way?

The practice is quite freeing, actually, and can open a lot of wonderful doors for you at this top two year MBA program.

With just one final left to go, Kelley first years were spread around the Godfrey Building this afternoon studying for marketing. In one room was a small batch of students studying pricing; in another room were four students watching "Black Hawk Down" while reviewing global brands; in the GCS office, coffee, bananas, tangerines, and popcorn were being generously handed out as "Happy Feet" played on the big screen; and in another room, four students watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" over talks of product job.

As I worked my way from room to room sharing marketing knowledge (both giving and receiving), I stumbled upon a room of about 10 of my Korean classmates. We studied together for a couple hours, only after Hak Soo showed me the Korean version of "The Goal" he directed (you'll understand next fall).

Around 6:30, Daegon asked if I had any dinner plans, and if I wanted to join them. "I'm not sure if you'll like it though," he said, "it's a Korean restaurant." Of course I wanted to go! I've never had Korean before, and I felt honored to be invited by the group. So without hesitation, I said "yes."

So eight of us drove to Shin's Restaurant, a rather authentic (I think) restaurant on the outskirts of Bloomington. My friends patiently walked me through some good menu options, we played with some Korean iPhone aps, they told me the fables behind the paintings on the wall, and we talked about customary eating practices and some of the crazy food we've eaten around the world. The evening held lots of boisterous laughter, what I call "a bucket of noodles," and lots of great sharing before we headed back for more studying in the December snow. It was an incredible experience I'll never forget - even Mina showed us some of her beautiful paintings!

My point in all this to you is this: when you finally arrive here at one of the top ranked MBA colleges in the country, say "yes" to all your offers. Grow your horizons, open more doors, and you'll have insights into new realms you never new existed.

I'm headed home on Monday for holiday break, so I'm not sure how well I can keep up on the MBA Program Blog. I'll do my best to check in once in a while; but please, enjoy your holiday and travel safely if you're hitting the road.

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