Wednesday, December 8, 2010

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

An MBA degree, especially one from one of the top ranked MBA colleges, grants a sincere amount of power. In today's world, information is power - and a degree like this will fill you with so much information, you will have the power to move mountains. Do you believe in yourself? Do your professors?

It's about time you both do.

Have you ever sat in a college class, and felt that the professor just thought you were a tick mark on their attendance sheet? Never really showed care for your future?

That's about to never happen again, and all you need to do is apply to the Kelley School of Business through MBA admission.

Today was professor Matt Semadeni's final lecture in the MBA core class Strategic Management. We talked about Air Asia for about two hours; and at the end of class, something very.....unique happened. The professor put the curriculum aside and became so incredibly sincere and earnest......about our futures. With humor and conviction, he hoped we had learned something in his program and he felt confident we'd all be successful going out in the world. He said the most important, and rewarding, thing we can do going forward is to give back - give back to our communities, our families and the institutions who made us who we are today (he even joked about endorsing his faculty position).

I can't say I've ever had a single teacher, out of the context of a formal speech at a convocation or grand event, to sincerely pledge their belief in my success and encourage me to help the world. It was moving.....and only cemented my conviction that I made the right choice to come to Kelley.

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