Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Great Start to a Final Semester

Happy New Year! A lot has happened since my last post on the MBA Program Blog. After completing the on-campus recruiting process, I was offered and accepted a full-time position with OptumHealth as a Senior Operations Consultant.

The position is the culmination of a great deal of hard work in the MBA program. What is most satisfying is that I pursued an MBA with a goal in mind and I was able to make it a reality. Of course, it would not be possible without the competitive education I have received and the extensive alumni network supporting and hiring Kelley MBAs. If you are considering Kelley, keep in mind that between the graduate and undergraduate schools we have one of the largest alumni populations of all of the Masters of Business Administration Programs. This really sets Kelley apart (as a footnote to the Business Graduate School Ranking).

On a separate note, this past week I participated in The Washington Campus program, a 1-week course in Washington, DC focusing on business and public policy which attracts a variety of schools and programs in addition to the typical two year MBA program. We got to hear from some amazing speakers, including economists, lobbyists, and congressmen on topics ranging from health care policy to energy policy. Our Kelley group was also fortunate enough to spend an hour with our Senator - Richarard Lugar - which was an amazing opportunity to ask him questions related to our course content (see picture below--I am on the far left). And, we got to visit the House of Representatives, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Washington Press Club. Overall, I met some really smart people and learned a lot about how public policy is created and passed through congress. Among MBA student activities, this is one I would definitely recommend.


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