Monday, January 10, 2011

IU Basketball tickets: an MBA student perk!

I talk a lot in this MBA program blog about the classes I'm taking and the job search, but I wanted to highlight an on-campus opportunity that makes IU very special: basketball games. Most people who have seen the movie Hoosiers know that Indiana is crazy about its basketball. Even with the team struggling, the games are still a lot of fun and filled with excitement. The video above shows my view of a great TV timeout from a recent game. Cheerleaders fill the floor and the band plays throughout every stoppage in the game.

Even though we are graduate students, a great perk of being an MBA student at Indiana University is that we get to buy IU student tickets (and pay for them with our bursar account!). There are big groups of top MBA students who meet up before the games at Yogi's and enjoy a few beverages before heading up to Assembly Hall for the game. It's only a few blocks away from the school, so it's easy to get there, even on a weeknight.

The team is really young, and has attracted some top recruiting classes in the past couple of years. So even though the basketball team isn't performing great now, it's got a ton of potential for the next couple of years (an added incentive for those of you going through the MBA admission process). Be sure that going to the games is just one of the many great MBA student activities that go on when you're a student at Kelley!

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