Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last-Minute Application Tips

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been enjoyable! We’re back in full-swing here, working to wrap up our first round decisions while preparing for our second round deadline tomorrow. As outlined in the admissions timeline, first round decisions will be released mid-January and likely within the next two weeks. For those of you working to finalize your application for the second round, here are a few quick tips before you click “submit”:

  • GMAT (and TOEFL or IELTS for international applicants)—If you feel you can do better and have the time to put into preparation, consider delaying your application and retake the test. Only tests taken before the application deadline are guaranteed to be included in your application.
  • Work experience—Consider what you have learned from your work experience and how it will benefit you in the future. Incorporate this into your application, perhaps your essays.
  • Essays—Proofread! Spelling and grammar check will not catch everything. You would be surprised how many times we see simple mistakes and even the name of another school! Also, be sure you answer the question or address the topic given. (See November 26 post for more!)
  • Resume—Keep it to one page if at all possible. This should be a quick snapshot of your educational and professional experience; it does not need to list out every single accomplishment.
  • Letters of Recommendation—Be sure your recommenders can and will write a strong recommendation for you. Ask them directly if they can endorse you strongly AND have the time to do so! Again, you may be surprised at the number of recommendations that are lacking.

Once your application is submitted, interviews are by invitation only. I’ll post some additional information on this topic in my next post. Until then, good luck pulling things together!

Reminder from the Admissions Committee: It is always best to apply when you feel your application is strongest. If you need additional time to strengthen your application, take the time to do so rather than rush to meet a certain deadline. All applications are reviewed equally throughout all four of our admissions deadlines. Your chance for admission does not vary depending on which deadline you apply, but rather on the strength of your application. Always put forth your best effort!


  1. When usually an international candidate can get decision notification? I've seen some of the blog and find already some people being notified.

  2. Hello Rajeev--first round decisions, including international decisions, will be released in mid-January.

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  4. But my query is that as in some forums few people are talking about their admission in Kelley i.e. they claim that they are admitted. So the decision that will be released on mid week that will be the dinged news. Am I right? So why you are saying "decisions will be released..", it is already released and those who doesn't hear can only expect a ding!

  5. First round decisions are yet to be released and should be within the next week.