Thursday, January 20, 2011

We All Win

Two hours ago I was sitting in my jeans and new Christmas sweater waiting for an interview. And as I looked around the waiting room, at my brilliant and diverse classmates of one of the top ranked MBA colleges, talking and congratulating away, I thought to myself, "we're all going to make it."

We're in the flurry of interview season at the Kelley School of Business, so everywhere you go you see MBAs dressed to their best as they strut around the Godfrey Building. While sitting in a meeting with my MBAA slate, I received a last-minute email from GCS, the Graduate Career Services, saying that GM today had decided to interview for a social media internship position and that I should hurry on over from the MBA Admission office right away.

Luckily, they were fine with casual dress since it was a last minute announcement. But a thought hit me as I looked around at my peers. I've been here for only six months, and I know everyone in the room, from the current students who came from India, the Navy, consumer product companies and Wall Street, to the front desk operator, the wife of a good friend in the program. And I realized, all of these students have been mock-interviewing with each other for this, sitting in interview slam sessions, checking each other's resumes, making each other the best they can be.

Alumni walk out from the interview rooms and casually chat with students, finding out how school has been, how professors have changed and where the great places on campus are now. Then these alumni take the students back and interview them for internships at Fortune 500 companies and more. As the students come out, we high five each other, congratulations abound, "good luck"s are whispered here and there. And THAT'S when the realization comes:

No other MBA program is like this. We've all done our best to make each other as great and ready as we can for internships and success; and when interview day comes, it's not about who beats who or who does better in the interview room. It's about everyone succeeding, everyone reaching their goals and dreams. That's the Kelley collaborative culture.

Be a part of it.

Oh, and the interview went well. I'll give you details later this spring!

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