Friday, February 18, 2011

Internship 301

Most Kelley MBAs are in the home stretch for this 7 week class period. Some are beginning preparation for finals followed by work for Academy Week 2 or the Simulation, while others have serious spring fever given the break in the winter weather.

Wherever you are in the space time continuum, I would encourage you to also think about what you want to accomplish over break and in the coming semester. Some of you may have accepted an internship and are working to prepare for success in it. Others are trying to decide between firms, while some are seeking the perfect job for the summer and beyond.

For those of you seeking an internship/full-time offer or trying to make a decision, be sure to meet with your coach and buddy. Reflect on what went well this past semester in the interview process and what did not go well.
- Did you have a concise and compelling story to tell recruiters?
- Do you need to polish your brand?
- How is your network? Have you been in contact with people and are you working to activate it?
- Do you have a laid out plan with weekly goals?

For more insight, see Internship 301 which has some great hints and steps to take for a successful search.

Finally, best of luck on finals next week!!


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