Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interviewing - Do you really want the job?

In my long career as a business leader at GE, and now working as a Career Service Coach at a top business school, I have had the opportunity to interview hundreds and hundreds of individuals. The one thing that I always found surprising, and frightening, about interviewees was their apparent neglect to convince me that they "wanted the job".

Just this last week at Kelley one of our corporate recruiters talked to me at the end of his long interviewing day and reminded me of this fact once again. His words were, "there were two outstanding candidates that I interviewed but my only concern was that I am not sure they really want to work at ----------".

How can this be? As an MBA student you go through countless lectures and mock interviews with coaches, discussions with faculty and friends, and cover all the key areas of your experiences highlighting the ones you want to articulate in the interview and yet...... you fail to convince the interviewer that you "want the job".

There are many ways in which you can do this during the interview, and especially easy when responding to certain questions. But it is ALWAYS necessary to include it your first answer and your last.

When you stand up and shake hands with the interviewer at the end of the interview and depart the first and most important thing that you want that interviewer to think about as they sit back in their chair to review their notes is really simple. You want them thinking, "this person really wants this job!".

I will cover more on this topic and how it can tie into different types of interview questions in a future blog.



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