Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Simple Personal Branding Tips for Students

Most people in business hope to be known for something – after all, that is the stuff personal brands are made of! Some people hope to be known for solving problems or to serve as the go-to person on a particular subject matter. Yet, from my perspective, there are some personal branding basics that are a must.

1) Be on time. This is common courtesy. If you begin developing a personal brand of consistently being late, eventually people won’t take what you have to say seriously.

2) Be present. If you are speaking with someone, focus on what they are saying. Listen. You may learn something! (And, it may be something that can help you with your personal brand.) Additionally, if you are in a meeting, close your laptop. Building effective business relationships is how most work gets done, so make the person or people you are meeting with feel valued by listening to their ideas.

3) Have joy for others. When something good happens to or for others, be happy for them. For example, if someone you work with gets promoted, send them a congratulatory card or offer to buy them a celebratory Starbucks! People remember this, trust me. And utlimately, this too becomes part of your personal brand, the part people remember.

4) Make sure people can find you. Make sure you can be found you on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter and utilize these resources to build your brand. See 10 tips for Effectively Using Your LinkedIn Status Update (especially #5).

5) State your name. I have attended so many presentations where a student asked the speaker a great question, but did not state his or her name before asking the question. Why not add to the beginning, my name is Jessica Sremanak, and my question is as follows…? This is a personal branding opportunity!

6) Cultivate your network. As I have shared in earlier posts, your personal brand often resides with those in your network who are then able to communicate with others about what you stand for and who you are. See 10 Ways to Nurture your Network for ideas. To this point, if someone offers to connect you with someone in their network, take them up on it! This is a great way to extend your personal reach and build your personal brand.


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