Thursday, April 21, 2011

An American Hosts India Night

It’s no secret – I love international education, culture and experiences. But last night was a true honor – I was fortunate enough to co-host the Asian MBAA’s Annual Cultural Night – and I’m from Connecticut!
Each year, the MBA Association and the International Business Society put on International Week – a great, intensive week rife with opportunities to learn about doing business globally. Monday night we had a trivia night with one of our star faculty from the core of this two year mba program, Professor Matt Semadeni, who taught Strategic Management. On Tuesday night, we had an incredible presentation kicked off by our faculty chair, Phil Powell, and then an incredibly moving and insightful, and sometimes funny, presentation from our Japanese peers about Japanese life. Following it up were presentations from fellow students about doing business in Colombia, Brazil and Spain. And then last night the week culminated in India Night.
To finish International Week, the Asian MBA hosts a themed country evening to enrich MBA student activities – Korean Night, Japan Night and this year was India Night. Kelley culture is all about international collaboration; and in an effort to echo and showcase that incredible asset, the president of the Asian MBAA made a strong effort to incorporate students from around the world in this year’s showcase. A month ago she asked me, and one of my best friend’s from Bombay, to co-host the event as the emcees. We were honored – and the wild ride began.
With a background in theater from undergrad and community acting, I was able to lend a lot of help and insight to acts and stage managing – as this was a HUGE production. In the end, including everyone, I would say it took at least 40 people to pull the whole event off – from the performers, to stage-hands, music and lights, video-editing and more. Aakarsh and I spent the month writing jokes and bits and a story to flow between the acts – which was basically me finally fulfilling my promise and visiting Aakarsh, and all our old classmates, around India sometime in the future.
The Kelley atrium was PACKED with people – we had two rows of chairs deep on the second floor! The night kicked off with amazing, belly-filling Indian food and pictures in front of the “Taj Mahal.” I then arrived at the “airport,” and the Aakarsh whisked me away to see all of our incredibly talented classmates singing, dancing and acting.
Had I not come to Kelley, one of the top ranked mba colleges, there is now way I would have ever had an opportunity like this anywhere else for MBA school. It was an incredible night, ending in a huge dance party, and I’m honored to call these people my classmates and my friends. If you’re not here yet at one of the most incredible masters of business administration programs – what are you waiting for?


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