Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bloomington - Kelley’s secret is out!!

When I applied for MBA admission to Kelley, I was apprehensive was the location. It turns out that Bloomington is one of Kelley’s biggest assets. The town is actually such a great perk that you’d think it contributed to Kelly’s standing as a top ranked MBA college.

I’ll give you the top three reasons why Bloomington is great – food, food and ah yes, food. Between class work , team projects and other MBA student activities, life here is hectic. Eating out or taking out is not only fun but also sometimes a necessity. And the options here are limitless. Bloomington has every type of restaurant you could ever want or need, and I’m making it my mission while I’m here to try all of them.

I just tried two new restaurants, Siam House and Finch’s Brasserie. Located among the plethora of ethnic restaurants on 4th Street, Siam House has fantastic Thai food. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Finch’s Brasserie is a Mediterranean-American menu featuring organic meats, cheeses, and produce from local farms. It was a delectable meal at only a fraction of the cost it would be for the same restaurant in Chicago or Washington, DC.

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