Thursday, February 3, 2011

Design Thinking with Kelley Creative Services

A role that I really enjoyed during my Two Year MBA Program at Kelley is being a part of the Kelley Creative Services. I would like to share with you in this MBA Program Blog Post some of the work I did as part of this committee. If you have an inclination or talent for art or graphic design this is the place for you. The Kelley Creative Services team was led by the amazing Unyi Agba, a Strategic Marketing MBA Student. Her expertise in marketing communication and strong grasp of graphic design principles made her an exceptional leader.

One of the most exciting projects we undertook was designing the club logos and signatures. We initiated the project by contacting the club leadership teams to find out whether any logos were currently being used or if they were interested in creating one. The next step was to schedule interviews to find out what were some of the ideas that represented the club brand. The brainstorming sessions were focused on a pyramid-based framework that started with the details of the club activities culminating in the abstract values that the brand represented. Based on these discussions, designers were tasked with creating a logo and signature that best matched the vision of the club leadership. We had a standard palette and guidelines that were used to create a consistency between the logos of the various clubs.

I was given the opportunity to create the club logos for the Kelley High Tech Club and the Finance Guild. Here is what I came up with:

The Kelley High Tech Club logo uses the letters H and T in the form of a capacitor. A capacitor represents stored energy and the waves represent radiating that energy for change. It also represents the connection between business and technology, and how bringing them together leads to greater synergy.

As for the Finance Guild, the discerning eye will find the initials of the club (F and G) within the $ sign. The $ sign, of course, represents money, investments, cash flows, wealth which lie at the heart of finance – be it Investment Banking, Investment Management or Corporate Finance. The $ sign also signifies the increase in value of the investments through the wise allocation of resources – skills that students will learn by being part of the Finance Guild.

I cannot speak about the experience at other Top Ranked MBA Colleges, but I can surely tell you that Kelley School of Business has given me the opportunity to learn and grow without giving up on doing things that I am passionate about. Come and visit Bloomington to find out for yourself!


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