Sunday, May 1, 2011

En "Core"

There is just one more week left for graduation and I definitely want to share the final emotions and experiences through the MBA Program Blog. Starting earlier this week, there have been a number of events for the graduating MBA class of 2011. One of my awesome peers - JP Garcia had this great idea for a series of MBA Student Activities to make our last days as MBA students here at Bloomington a memorable experience. This is just yet another example of why Kelley is among the Top Ranked MBA Colleges in the country.

Tuesday evening was definitely special. It was like
reliving the Core experience all over again. We got together into our original Green, Blue and Red cohorts, back in the same seats we started two years ago. We had quick 15-minute lectures from our Core Professors (Professors Pratt and Albright could not make it and were definitely missed!). In this post, I share a few of their words of wisdom.

(Professors From Left to Right: Phil Powell, Rockney Walters, Richard Shockley, Matt Semadeni, Kyle Cattani, Mike Metzger)

Rockney Walters: Our ultra-popular Marketing Professor talked about the importance of branding and thinking of yourself as a brand. When you join a company, think about what your unique value proposition is. Always be open to new opportunities. Trying new things helps you extend your brand further.

Phil Powell: Our passionate Kelley MBA Program Chair talked about the latest macroeconomic trends. He talked about the importance of recognizing global trends specifically focusing on Africa and China. Tips for personal success included – think about whether you are doing something for honor or glory. It can never be both. He also stressed the critical role that innovation and creativity will play in the new economy.

Richard Shockley: Our Finance Professor started with three fundamental principles for financial success: Don’t chase yield. Diversify. Set goals and plan. He then reminded us of the keys to long-term success that he had first shared during the Core: Native intelligence accounts for a very small part. Do your best with the factors you can control such technical skills, professional skills and hard work. He was amazingly inspirational and sentimental at the same time. When big opportunities arise and when there is an intense spotlight on us during our working careers, he asked us to think about the incredible transformation over the past two years in the MBA Program and to believe that we can do it since we have successfully done it before!

Kyle Cattani: Our Operations Wiz opened with two simple but powerful principles: No decisions are irreversible. If you experience setbacks, hold your head high and figure out a new plan. He supported these principles with his own personal life story. I will definitely remember these and I feel that I can personally relate to them as well.

Mike Metzger: The great Metzger, who had taught us how to think critically, stressed the importance of living in the present moment. He shared personal stories about his family and talked about living 100% mindfully. In the school of life, the test comes first and the lesson later. Each moment is a gift!

Matt Semadeni: Our Strategy Guru (inspiration for those pursuing an MBA Management Degree) discussed a recent McKinsey study about recovering from information overload. He talked about the importance of unplugging – giving your brain the time to think, without the clutter of too much information. He also talked about Harvard Business Professor Clayton Christensen’s recent HBR article: “How will you measure your life?” What are the things that are important to you? If you do not think about this, life will give you measurements that may lead to dissatisfaction in the later years of your life. Lastly, he asked us all to give back to the community in whatever way we can and recognize that we are blessed to be in the position that we are.

I cannot tell you what an inspirational experience it was listening to our Professors speak to us. You had to be there to experience it fully! It is hard to believe that an incredible journey of two years will soon end and lead to a new phase in life. May 6 is Graduation Day for my awesome MBA Class of 2011 and it promises to be special. May 6 is also my birthday - making it doubly special for me! :)

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