Saturday, March 19, 2011

The End of My Peruvian Adventure

It’s hard to believe, but my Peruvian GLOBASE adventure is coming to a close. It’s 11:55 p.m. and I’m sitting on the Lima tarmac looking at the distant city lights and wishing I was finishing up another round of empanada’s and piscos with classmates, talking about which late-night hot spot we’d go to next.
It’s been an absolutely incredible two weeks, and the things I’ve had the opportunity to do would’ve never been possible had it not been for one of the top masters of business administration programs. I have had the amazing, unique, and life-changing experience of spending two weeks immersed in a culture so unlike my own – and so fun, lively, passionate, hard-working, colorful and vibrant. From every Peruvian sunset over the Pacific ocean to every ear-to-ear smile and hand-shake greeting, Lima is a city that’s as hard to leave as family at Christmas.
At the end of two months of challenging, hard, insightful work, our team, Pescados Unidos (United Fish) delivered a fantastic presentation and recommendation for our client, Gervasi Peru, a Peruvian frozen fish exporter. With no experience in the field at all before, we delivered far more than our client ever expected: an in-depth analysis of the American fish market, a detailed map of locations to freeze and store fish, a huge database of fish distributors and the resources to begin exporting frozen Peruvian fish into the United States in bulk today. Our client was thrilled, we are proud, and one of the top ranked mba colleges delivered this great relationship which we’re sure to continue into the future.
Beyond the work, I’ve climbed Machu Picchu mountain and gazed down upon the mysterious city; I’ve paraglided through the Peruvian mountains at sunset; I’ve caught my first wave on a freshly waxed surfboard; I’ve raced across massive sand-dunes in dune-buggies and then sand-boarded down them; I’ve traveled the Amazon River with a local guide and danced with natives; I’ve stayed up all night dancing away with my colleagues and locals at Cuzquenian night clubs and gazed in awe at the splendor of Spanish monasteries. A new twist on MBA student activities, huh?
This trip is not one that I will ever forget. I’ve worked in an international task force that takes pride in its work and joy in the simple things in life, like mint water and walks through the park. I’ve learned more about an industry than I ever thought I would. And I’ve shared in incredible, breath-taking adventures in a beautiful, rapidly growing country. I’m proud to be a Kelley MBA – and I’m grateful. It's been a pleasure to share this experience on the MBA Program Blog - now back to the classroom!

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