Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting your Partner Involved in Extra-Curricular Activities

One of the many challenges I have faced in my life at Kelley is balancing spending time with my new network of peers and spending time with my spouse. While it is important to try and include your spouse in as many of the MBA student activities as you can to help them feel that they are part of the experience, I also feel it is a good idea to encourage and assist your spouse in finding their own way to connect with others within the community, whether that be with individuals in the two year MBA program or not.

For my husband, his interest in sports, provided him with the opportunity to connect with a group of people with similar interests and on his own terms. This semester my husband was able to connect with another Kelley student to form an indoor soccer league. For my husband this provides a means for exercise and has also allowed him to get to know some of my MBA peers on his own, which I think has been very valuable.

While your spouse may not be interested in sports, being at one of the top ranked MBA colleges, there are many MBA student activities for both students and partners to get involved in. Additionally being a part of the larger Indiana University and Bloomington community there are even more opportunities to get involved and meet people with common interests, whether those interests are sport, food, art, music, or anything else under the sun.

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