Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye Bloomington!

My flight for Peru leaves in just 12 hours, and I couldn’t be more excited. Our team from one of the top ranked MBA colleges has spent eight weeks studying the country and culture, learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone and podcasts on the bus ride to school, and learning everything we can about the U.S. frozen fish market. I’m ready for Pisco Sours, Guinea Pig, surfing and Machu Picchu.
This week beforehand though, I’ve been in the City of Soul with the Supply Chain and Global Management Academy doing consulting work for FedEx in Memphis, TN. We’ve been divided into four teams, working tirelessly from, on average, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on four, unique, challenging problems for the global distribution giant. It’s not been all work though – there have been some great treats and breaks along the way, besides the great people of FedEx.
Night one we were treated to incredible Memphis BBQ at the Commissary, and then later in the wear we were treated to more delicious food and mingling with the FedEx Purple Passion at Marlowe’s. Great food aside, the non-work highlight would be the FedEx Hub Tour late in the night.
Memphis serves as the main global hub for all FedEx shipping, and the team here was kind enough to treat us to an exclusive tour during peak hours – midnight. After arriving at the hub at 11:30, our academy boarded the bus and was led by one of the site managers- not a tour guide, but someone who actually gets their hands dirty in the work.
The next 2.5 hours led us bustling all over FedEx’s acres and acres amidst the flurry of 8,0000 busy with all sorts of tasks. Golf cart-sized trucks hurried around in a Times-Square melee of traffic pulling cards of packages in all directions. Massive, bright white FedEx planes flew in and taxied around in every direction; at the peak time, one plane every 90 seconds. They even took us inside a number of the sorting facilities – and the combination of massive, sophisticated equipment combined with man-power is a mind-boggling mix of engineering brilliance – getting your packages where they need to go as fast and safe as possible. It was an amazing orchestration; and I’ve never considered myself a factory-interested kind of person – but this was amazing, and I’ll never forget it. It's that type of opportunity you can only find with Kelley's two year MBA Program.
Have a great two weeks, and I’ll try to write on the MBA Program Blog from Lima!

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