Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hands-on Learning

One great feature about Kelley is the countless opportunities for experiential learning. Hands-on real-world projects are a feature that really defines that Academy experience at the Kelley School of Business. In the Entrepreneurship Management Academy (EMA), students are working to help commercialize real inventions in high tech and life sciences. This has been a fantastic opportunity to apply what we’ve learned in the Academy along with the classroom. It's another reason that Kelley is the Best Entrepreneurship MBA. The semester long team project will culminate with a client presentation on Monday – yet another opportunity for students to polish their presentation skills.
To give you an idea of how real these projects are, I actually cannot talk about them in detail because we’ve all signed confidentiality agreements.

After we present our business plans, the EMA members will all be heading out to San Francisco for the remainder of the week.


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