Friday, February 18, 2011

Here comes Spring

This post is probably going to backfire since it's only mid-February, but after the winter we've had I can't resist.

Bloomington absolutely comes alive in the Spring. It's like a whole new town. You're probably thinking that every city with a 4-season climate sees the same transition, and to some extent that's true. But often the springtime here comes earlier and is more consistent than other cities I've lived in. After alternating between nothing but sleeping and studying for the duration of the dark days of winter, students make an effort to enjoy the outdoors as early as possible. Fields are filled with students exercising. There's a palpable energy from the students, faculty and staff alike. IU's campus is absolutely beautiful as things start to bloom; the grounds team keeps everything immaculate.

This week we got a sneak-peek of Spring - Bloomington was 60 and sunny today. Convertible tops were down, music was playing, and I took the long way into school just to enjoy the drive with my windows down. Later in the day I went for a ride (internal combustion, not pedal powered) because the day was too perfect. I made my way south & east over the winding roads & gently rolling hills of Bloomington. I ended up at Lake Monroe, a fantastic body of water about 10 miles from Bloomington proper. It's a must-see for any student at IU. I snapped a picture from this spot:

I'm planning on bringing more little-known locations to my blog as the weather keeps getting nicer. In the meantime, if you've got questions about Bloomington, drop me a line. I'm pretty familiar with the town.

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  1. i would like to see some of the pictures of that spot when their was houses their and not the lake because my dad said their use to be houses and farm land their and its hard for me to believe him when i see all that water it just looks like to me its always been their but im probably wrong right. i don't really like iu because theirs to much traffic