Monday, February 7, 2011

The Ideal Two Year MBA Program

If you have read my other posts on MBA Program Blog, then you know I try to highlight some of the finer points of the Kelley Two Year MBA Program experience for prospective students going through the MBA Admission process to demonstrate just how much our school has to offer.

For one thing, As a Kelley student not only do you have access to more typical University resources, such as our amazing athletic facilities, but you can also take free training courses from the University's Informational Technology Services on a number of software packages including:

Microsoft (PowerPoint, Sharepoint, Project), Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), and others. As a student going into an internship (or full-time position), these convenient courses can give you the extra edge to stand out. I recently took a Microsoft Access class which I really enjoyed.

And, just because you are gaining an MBA Professional Degree in Bloomington does not mean you have to leave any big city amenities behind when considering typical MBA student activities. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Jacobs School of Music Doctoral Chamber Recital which featured a friend of mine as well as several musicians playing a variety of interesting instruments (I say this as someone who never played an instrument).

The music was superb and it was amazing to me that the school and performance hall are just a few minutes walk from Kelley. I definitely have plans to attend other on-campus performances which really make the experience in Bloomington even richer.

Of course, everyone was at a Super Bowl party this past weekend and it was no different for the majority of Kelley students. My party included students from a range of disciplines including a Strategic Marketing MBA and a Social Entrepreneurship MBA. We enjoyed critiquing the various commercials for their effectiveness and it was interesting to hear everyone's perspective. Overall, a lot of fun!

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