Saturday, February 5, 2011

Involving Your Partner in the MBA Admission Process and Beyond

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at masters of business administration programs. A lot of people will tell you that this is a time to focus on yourself and to do what is best for you, but let's be honest a lot of us come into a two year MBA program with a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or spouse, and being married I understand how for those of you with partners it is not just about you. When I was making my decision about where I wanted to pursue my MBA management degree, my husband was a big consideration.

Through my MBA admission process I found it very important to involve my husband in my decision making process and consider what impact my decision would have on him. In the end I chose Kelley not only because it is one of the top ranked MBA colleges, but because it made sense logistically for me and my husband. Since arriving at Kelley I have seen relationships end and I can't say my husband and I haven't had our challenges. The first semester, known as "The Core", is particularly demanding and finding the right balance between spending time with friends and family and completing the necessary coursework and attending networking events is challenging to say the least. The advice that was given to me and what I have tried to do is involve my husband in as many of the MBA student activities as I can. The Kelley MBA program does a great job of providing a variety of student activities such as Indiana University home football game tailgates, Kelley Friday events (Japanese Game Show Night, Oktoberfest, Kelley Iron Chef, etc.), MBA gala, Korea Night, etc. where students like myself can bring their partners and families and know that they will be welcomed into the Kelley family.


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