Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Kelley Experience

This weekend, I was able to be a part of my third Experience Weekend for admitted students. I met so many amazing people and the sorority girl in me loved feeling back at home recruiting. Throughout the weekend, I was asked by multiple people both why Kelley and what experiences have really shaped my two year MBA program and being that graduation is just around the corner, I became extremely sentimental. I found myself reflecting on all of the progress I have made both personally and professionally since joining Kelley to pursue a strategic marketing MBA and it is remarkable to see just how far I have come.

My experiences have been shaped by the people around me in the program, and I truly believe this is Kelley's true point of difference. The people, meaning classmates, professors, and administrators, have such an impact on the overall quality of your experience and I would not have been able to make the progress that I have over the past two years without their individual involvement pushing me. The people also shape the culture and our culture is something that I have found to be very special and unique to Kelley. It was amazing to see how proud my classmates are of the program and to see the next group of Kelley students also excited about all of the experiences that they will soon be undertaking. All around, Experience Weekend was a big success!

Sappiness aside, I also had a chance to be a part of two fun and incredibly different social events. On Sunday, I joined five of my very good friends for a six course Italian meal at the home of Ann Bastianelli, a marketing professor at Kelley. We purchased this event at the Kelley Women Faculty Auction last year and had so much fun that we decided to do it again. Ann has amazing experience in the advertising world, not to mention an amazing set of friends and family and we had an amazing evening. The second is that I attended the Lil' Wayne concert for Little 500 at Assembly Hall last night. In a packed arena, we jammed out to some new and some familiar favorites and took in the amazing people watching that brought undergrads, rap fans, and a few Kelleys together. While I am not a huge fan of any of the artists from last night, I think this is another great example of the benefits of living in Bloomington in that you can afford to do a wide variety of things while still having access to mega shows.

Spring is officially here and while the countdown to graduation continues, I look forward to a few more fantastic weeks on campus!

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