Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kelley Karnival version 2.0

As I'm coming close to finishing out my two year MBA program, one of the greatest experiences this spring was seeing how the 1st-year MBA students planned the Kelley Karnival, an event I came up with and helped plan last year. Last year we had a Brazilian band and capoeira dancers and some appetizers, along with some arts and crafts for children and families that attended the event. It was one of the better attended MBA student activities during the year.

This year they pulled out all the stops and brought in food from several countries, had three different dance groups, and topped it all off with the IU latin drum band.

I'm so happy how this event came together for a second year and it really shows off the cultural and global elements of Kelley's masters of business administration program. There are so many opportunities to plan events or programs here in whatever it is you are interested in. And if they are successful then it is really easy to pass them on to classes under yours. This makes such a difference for the people planning the events that make up a lot of the MBA social life. Since they have a blueprint for how they should run they don't have to worry about so many of the little logistical things and can really make the highlights of each event shine.

As I'm winding down my time here and thinking about the legacy that I can leave behind at Kelley, I think that this event is something that will stand the test of time. And that ability to affect the school and create a legacy is just one of the reasons that Kelley is the best MBA program around.

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