Monday, March 28, 2011

Kelley Makeover

Last Wednesday, the Dean held the first Town Hall meeting of our time here at Kelley. I’d say ¼ of the students attended the 90 minutes in the giant lecture hall, during which the Dean, the head of Faculty Phil Powell, the head of the program Pam Roberts, and the MBAA president Nathan Cregeur laid out a number of changes and improvements that are coming to Kelley. How many other top ranked MBA Colleges give you this kind of face time with the people in charge? If you’re a new student (class of 2013) coming in the fall – get ready for an internal makeover! These are the kind of improvements that bump up our business graduate school ranking!
On the lower level of the Godfrey building you’ll find the student lounge. This expansive room has a number of tables and chairs in which students can do team work and have lunch. The room also contains student mailboxes, vending machines, a microwave and case competition banners of victory. During summer 2011, this room is going to undergo a massive overhaul including new furniture and architecture. The Dean explained that this already-excellent meeting space was going to be getting top-of-the-line furniture.
Also on the lower level you’ll find the student government’s office, the MBAA office, right next to the lounge. In all fairness, our office is far too large for eight people. Therefore, during the summer, our office is going to get moved and rebuilt farther down the hallway in a nook currently occupied by some old study rooms. In its place is going to be a brand new café, offering all sorts of drinks and dishes. Before spring break, the business students were granted to a food sampling event – and much of our feedback will be incorporated into the new restaurant. In addition, the powers-that-be are working to have us able to automatically charge our student account with purchases from the café – not cash or credit cards each time.
Dotted all over the school you’ll find a number of break-out rooms, perfectly sized for teams of five to sit and work on group projects. These rooms include motion-sensing lights (for green efforts), a window and a whiteboard. However, when team members are working on multiple laptops, it’s often hard to share information or to practice presentations from one small laptop. Therefore, the administration is working on putting flatscreen monitors in each breakout room, complete with hookup for laptops. These should be ready by next fall.
In addition, as you walk around the school today you’ll find TV monitor mounts being put in near doors and water fountains. Kelley is working on putting in display monitors over the summer that will show daily-updated content including weather, news, program announcements, bus schedules, school events and more.
As a non-visible make-over, a few changes are being made to the two year MBA program as well. Quantitative Methods, our Microsoft Excel and analitics course, is getting a makeover with a new professor, name and curriculum. The Capstone week, what second years go through the week before spring break instead of Academy Week, is being entirely redesigned into Renaissance Week, where our class will get to design the entire week based on our interests in needs – including workshops, guest speakers and classes. Lastly, GLOBASE next year will be adding Guatemala to its destination list; and after my incredible experience in Peru, I’m thinking I might just have to sign up. Don't worry - I'd log the adventures on the MBA Program Blog!
If you’re a first year, school’s going to look a lot different and even better when you get back next fall. If you’re an incoming first year and just made it through MBA admission, get ready – you’re about to get the confirmation that you made the right choice with Kelley.

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