Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kelley Net Impact kicks off with "The Green Machine"

Earlier this semester, the leadership of the various clubs at Kelley was handed over to the first-year MBA students. Naturally, recent MBA student activities have revolved around kick-off meetings. Kelley Net Impact is our local chapter of Net Impact and I attended their kick-off meeting last Thursday.

The new team began with a screening of “The Green Machine”- a short documentary that talks about Mayor Richard Daley’s efforts to make Chicago the greenest city on the planet. You can check out the video below from PBS:

After the viewing, we got into small groups to discuss our thoughts on the video and what could be done to encourage more green initiatives.

The 2010 club leadership team (Neha Kale, Naseem Ehsan, Karim Khan, Sowmya Gogineni, Joni Lewis) has done a great job of putting together a number of successful events in the past. Neha (2010 Kelley Net Impact President) adds: “We hosted a variety of events this fall to highlight the various aspects of Net Impact with a focus on socially responsible companies and nonprofits. We also expanded the board fellows program with additional partners this year and have initiated the Social Internship fund with the support of Cummins. We were also excited that the Kelley Net Impact Graduate chapter was recognized as the chapter with the highest increase in conference attendance nationally.”

Here are the links to some of the interesting blog posts by Kelley MBA students who attended the 2010 Net Impact Conference: (Thanks, Karim!)
Apart from having one of the best Entrepreneurship MBA Programs in the US, Kelley has an increasing focus on sustainability and social entrepreneurship. MBA students at Kelley have the option of pursuing a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship through a cooperative program between the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), the Kelley School of Business, and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

I wish the new Net Impact club leadership team (Theos Stamoulis, Patrick Kitchens, Tyler Kirsh, Nisarg Shah and Robert Herrick) good luck for the year! You should follow Kelley Net Impact on Twitter to catch up on the latest, especially if you are planning to get a Social Entrepreneurship MBA.


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