Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning Two "Languages" this spring

As a second-year strategic marketing MBA student, I have a bit more free time this spring semester. One of the ways that I'm filling up this time is by learning two languages: Yoga and Visual Basic.


While it might not be the typical MBA student activity, I've started doing some yoga classes through IU Recreational Sports this spring. Even after just one week, I've definitely seen improvements in strength and flexibility. It's also a very relaxing workout that helps clear my mind after a day of work. The language element is in learning the names of the poses (aka Warrior 2, Child's Pose, Downward Facing Dog, etc.).

Last week the classes were free (as a trial week), and for the rest of the year they are only $7 a class. Definitely very affordable, even on a student income. Considering that I'm sure I will have some stressful days when I am working on the road, it's a great "language" to learn. I definitely can see continuing with it even after finishing this two year MBA program.

Visual Basic

I'm learning this language in a more formal setting: my K515 class with Professor Chris Albright. As you can see above, he literally wrote the book on using Visual Basic in Microsoft Excel. While the class is just one week old, we've already seen examples of models that can create an ideal stock portfolio and run optimization models in one click.

In my mind, the experience you get running models in Excel at Kelley helps to set it apart from other top ranked MBA colleges. I know that at this point, I am in the top 1% of all Excel users, and I haven't even gotten into the meat of my Visual Basic course. I'm excited to learn this language because I know that it will help me in my future career and will definitely enable me to "wow" my coworkers and clients. That will definitely help set me ahead of others with an MBA professional degree.

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