Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lessons in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

It is great to be back writing for the MBA Program Blog. As I enter the last semester of the Two Year MBA Program, I will continue to bring you exciting reports about the MBA Student Activities at the Kelley of School of Business. This week I will highlight one of the exceptional classes I attended last fall.

X573: Organizational Behavior and Leadership is taught by Professor Phil Podsakoff. This class provided me with a refreshing perspective on a variety of topics related to organizational effectiveness. Professor Podsakoff who has published several papers introduced us to a lot of interesting research in this area.

The teaching techniques used were unique consisting of experiential exercises, group discussions, reading assignments as well as presentations apart from insightful lectures. IU is crazy about basketball (read more on Joe’s blog) and analyzing clips from the movie Hoosiers for examples of good as well as bad leadership and organizational behaviors was an excellent way to reinforce concepts learned in class.

Some of the interesting topics discussed include leadership effectiveness, employee selection, job performance, job satisfaction, incentives and citizenship behaviors. I always thought of leadership as a topic that was difficult to teach, but trust Professor Podsakoff to help you understand principles that are have great applicability to the corporate work environment through a highly methodical approach. If you are in the MBA Program, regardless of whether you are, say, a Strategic Marketing MBA or a Life Science MBA, I believe you will take away something useful from this class. The lessons you learn could make you a better employee and a better manager. I highly recommend taking this class.


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