Monday, May 9, 2011

My Final Entry

I have officially completed my first year as an MBA student at the Kelley School of Business.Peru Jump I’ve brought you along every step of the way; and not only have we survived, but we are also now stronger, bolder, more confident and better at our core.

But what did I learn?

You’ve heard it ever since you were young – but always say “yes” to opportunities you’re not sure you can accomplish. Under pressure and in the chance to prove ourselves, we can accomplish great things. I said “yes” to GLOBASE, and thus helped lead a company-changing project for a Peruvian company, climbed to the top of Machu Picchu with five peers and the head of the program, and took myself to the shores of the Amazon River.

By also taking on an insurmountable challenge, I assembled and guided a prospective slate to victory as becoming the heads of student government for one of the top ranked mba colleges in the nation. I also recognized my limitations; and when I realized I didn’t mesh well with certain political aspects of the process, I recognized the appropriate leadership to promote to our president – and he has done an outstanding job.

It goes without saying that I’ve learned an incredible amount about business – from my eight core classes and the eight electives I’ve taken then forward. I have a great understanding of emotional intelligence, management and office politics – but the actual gears of war of the business world I didn’t know. Now I can talk of accounting, managing transnational firms, marketing strategy, stock risk assessment, business law and much, much more. I actually can’t believe, or fathom, how much I’ve absorbed from the classroom, faculty and peers. I may only recognize it once I have to apply it – but I feel as if I’ve had to grow another head to hold all the new knowledge I've gained in the first half of this two year MBA program.

I’ve also had some great, personal insight on things to work on, as Kelley is very strong on constructive feedback to help us grow. First, I know that I am a generally very happy, very optimistic person – and that sometimes, my peers view that as insincere and off-putting – so I will work on being more “real.” Second, I’ve learned that I sometimes come off too polished in presentations (it’s hard to shake the theater background and TV personality experience), so again I need to work on being more real and connecting with my audience. Lastly, I need to become more patient when working on projects with others – I used to be very patient in another life as a camp counselor, but I guess it’s become a little rusty being in the professional working world.

My year has been an incredible one, and I do not regret for one second my decision to come to one of the best masters of business administration programs and the challenges I took on while here. So much has happened in one year as I scroll down and back through this blog, and I can’t wait to see what sort of adventures and surprises my second year will hold. Wish me the best of luck, and I will keep my fingers crossed that YOU make the decision to come to the Kelley School of Business and join in this incredible adventure.

With Peace, Health, Happiness and Success,



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